Man chugs 6 beers in under 2 minutes – hilarity ensues

Many people like to dabble in a little drinking on Sundays, but most don’t line up beers and start chugging them. While you’re sipping a Bloody Mary, this guy is going to town on six beers.

Let’s get this out of the way right now. I hate the term Sunday Funday. Not only is it obnoxiously rhymey, it also implies that the other days of the week aren’t fun. The point of a catchy name for a day of the week is to identify what makes it special. Funday is not special. I have fun every day because I’m a goddamn rock star. Motown Monday, Tiki Tuesday, Boxed Wine Wednesday…now those are good names.

On to the video. He set the bar pretty low with his “six beers in six minutes” goal, but thankfully he blew right through that with will power and my favorite drinking trick. If you aren’t chugging bottles with straws, you’re playing in the minor league. It’s a great way to win bets because most people idiotically assume you’re going sip through the straw, but it’s actually there for air flow. It’s the easiest way to shotgun a bottle. Here’s my question though; what the hell is a cruiser? They appear to be 12-ounces, but I can’t tell for certain and I’m not very worldly with my slang. Can anyone help me out there? I promise not to puke on you.

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