Four-hour standoff with SWAT team starts because a guy punched a dog

Boxing Dog via Shutterstock

Boxing Dog via Shutterstock


An argument between roommates, which began with one man punching a dog in the eye, led to a four-hour standoff with the SWAT team. 

Timothy Blevins, 52, punched his roommate’s dog in the eye then pulled a knife on the roommate in the Tremont section of Cleveland. Blevins also threatened police and threw a lamp at his roommate’s car. After his arrest, Blevins tried to break the police cruiser’s back window.

The entire incident took place at 1 am. Blevins was finally taken into custody at 4 am. Both the roommate and dog escaped with minimal injuries. The dog has a swollen eye but will be fine.

Police still have no idea what sparked the entire fight but sometimes dogs can say some real dickish things so…

Man punches roommate’s dog, sparks four-hour standoff with SWAT in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood [ABC News 5]