Man sets up camera to film ghosts, catches girlfriend boning teen son

There’s oblivious and then there’s “I caught my son having sex with my girlfriend while I tried to film some ghosts” oblivious.

surveillance camera

Ghost camera image by Shutterstock

The unidentified man feared he had ghosts in his Tasmania, Australia home so he set up some cameras around the house to keep watch on things.

What he found wasn’t ghosts; it was his 28-year-old girlfriend in the throes of passion with his 16-year-old son.

When confronted about the situation, the son confessed to having sex with the woman three times. They continued their relationship in various hotel rooms after getting busted.

The woman pled guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse with an underaged person. She also told the judge that she believed the age of consent in Australia was 16.

The couple has lived together for 11 years and the woman is the mother to the man’s younger child. It’s unclear where their relationship stands after the situation but one can assume it’s not in a good spot.

(via NYDN)

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