Man steals $15,000 in rare craft beer

We’ve all come up with absurd exit strategies from our jobs, but few involve slowly stealing $15,000 worth of craft beer. That is unless your name is Adam James, and you worked at Avery Brewing in Boulder, CO.

Theft in the workplace is nothing new, but this is the first instance I’ve heard of it in the beer world. It makes sense though. Who’s going to miss a few bottles here and there? Unfortunately when you’re taking prize beers, even if no one is paying attention to them at the time, it starts to add up quickly. It’s not as if Avery has a warehouse full of vintage beers lying around.

To put things in perspective, the 570 beers recovered from the “beer bandit” are worth about the same amount as 24,000 Bud Lights. I’m not a fan of the name given that it was a slow process, which seems very un-bandit-like. Now if he stole that 1000 cases of Bud Light, I’d happily call him a bandit.

9News via Katie in Denver