Worst criminal ever tries to rob store with hockey stick. Guess what country?

by 5 years ago

A guy dressed in all black walked into a store and pointed a hockey stick at the cashier. He demanded money from the register. I’ll give you one guess where this happened. No, not Russia, stop it you guys. I didn’t say this was filmed on dashcam.

Anyway, yeah, this happened in Canada. First they give the world Rob Ford, now hockey-wielding robbers. They’re basically the Florida of the north.

hockey robber

Instead of handing over cash, the owner grabbed the stick out of the would-be robber’s hand. The suspect fled with less than he came in with.

So you went there—with a hockey stick—and let them take it from you without a fight. Bro, you’re the shittiest criminal ever. Find a new profession, like now.

Photo via IMGUR