Manbrella: Ridiculous name, useful device

Can I just say I’m sick of fashion designers and product marketers stuffing “Man” into everything? Leggings on men are “meggings!” No, leggings on men are “lame”; Andre from The League will likely be prancing around in them next season. So I was prepared to shred the Manbrella as equally dumb, but it turns out it’s a good idea, just not as an umbrella.



Essentially, it’s a waterproof panel made out of memory wire and Tyvek, that stuff FedEx envelopes are made out of. It’s designed to look like a newspaper, because apparently in Britain, having an umbrella is effeminate and wussy. Which is kind of weird because isn’t everybody in Britain issued an umbrella at, like, birth?

Anyway, the idea is that you use this waterproof thing as a badly designed umbrella. But honestly, that’s dumb. There’s not even a handle.

No, instead, use this as, say, a portable mat to place your tools on in a wet environment (like a garage where the roof has fallen in). Or an instant waterproof cover for your tablet or laptop. Or a portable placemat. There are a lot of uses for a cheap, portable, waterproof panel. Basically, it’s worth the twenty bucks, but because you’ll use it as everything except an umbrella.

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