Mark Jackson whines about Nuggets rough play on Steph Curry

Did George Karl order players to rough up Steph Curry? Warriors coach Mark Jackson certainly thinks so and claims he has first-hand knowledge of the edict Karl handed down.

“I got some inside information that some people don’t like that brand of basketball and they clearly didn’t co-sign it. They wanted to let me know they wanted no part in what was taking place.”

I like swiss cheese with my wine Mark.

So the two plays in question are a Kenneth Faried bump and a Kosta Koufos hack on the sideline? Please. You know what they called that in the 80s? Supper with friends. Mark Jackson’s gone all Zen Master in a lame attempt to persuade officials his star is getting roughed up. Upon hearing of Jackson’s complaints, George Karl responded with, “did Draymond Green play football or basketball at Michigan State?”

That’s the gentleman’s version of a double middle-finger salute.