Mark Wahlberg addresses Dinobots in ‘Transformers 4’

Game Informer

Game Informer

We’ve been anxiously waiting to learn if the Dinobots make an appearance in Transformers 4. Mark Wahlberg deftly dodged the question, but his answer gives us a hint. Also, Denzel Washington is very astute.

Wahlberg suggesting he would get fired, which obviously he wouldn’t, makes it a pretty safe bet that the Dinobots are back. If there weren’t any dinosaur robot, as Denzel Washington so elegantly put it, in Transformers 4, it would have been in their best interest to admit that right away. It may be in a very limited capacity, but the not paying off on the hype the film has gotten from the question would leave a sour taste in people’s mouths. You don’t want angry fanboys trashing an otherwise perfectly good movie just because you took their toy away.

via MTV

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