McDonald’s requires college degree for cashiers

McDonald’s has always been an employment safe-haven for high school drop-outs and old people, until now. A McDonald’s in Massachusetts posted a job listing requiring 1-2 years experience and a bachelor’s degree for a cashier position.


Anyone shocked by the experience necessary to be a cashier obviously hasn’t seen the movie Coming to America. “You know, I used to be just like you. Now…I’m washin’ lettuce. Soon I’ll be on fries.” That was Louie Anderson’s career path. You don’t just step right into the front of the house. You have to earn the right to be yelled at by obnoxious fat people whose order have been accidentally screwed up during their 34-second waiting time.

A college degree, on the other hand, is extreme. It seems like some form of sick “stay in school” campaign. Thanks, Obama. People have been talking about how competitive the job market is for years now, but I never expected McDonald’s to demand a college degree for cashiers. Do you think those who start with the mops are exempt from that? It seems unfair to Prince Akeem of Zamunda that he not be allowed to climb the corporate burger ladder just because he lacks proper schooling.

Job Diagnosis

Job Post via Washington Examiner


Statement from Ronald himself:

“There has been some misinformation reported by an independent job site with no relationship to the Winchendon, Massachusetts McDonald’s. The original job posting, which could be accessed through, did not require a bachelor’s degree and we do not require a bachelor’s degree for employment. Our organization is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse work force.” – Joe and Lori Ruscito, Owner/Operators, Winchendon, MA

I’m not sure I buy that. I looked at job posting via McState before posting the original story to see if it matched the JobDiagnosis listing. While it doesn’t say they require a bachelor’s degree, it also doesn’t list any requirements. I’m pretty confident there are minimum standards for employment, so citing the McState listing means nothing to me. My uninformed guess would be they hoped to fly under the radar and score a few college grads.