Meet Whisper, the world’s first wingsuit BASE jumping dog

Whisper is no ordinary dog, he’s the world’s first wingsuit BASE jumping dog (he also rock climbs). Yes, this dog is more active and adventurous than 99% of the people who will ever read this.

Whisper’s adrenaline inducing best friend Dean Potter is a renowned BASE jumping wingsuit fanatic, so suffice it to say this is no ordinary friendship.


If you’re not familiar with BASE jumping, essentially it involves climbing a mountain, strapping on a parachute…then jumping off that mountain. And wingsuits are the final frontier for adrenaline junkies. They give a skydiver/BASE jumper the same maneuverability of a flying squirrel…only they’re humans, so they’re rocketing through space at terminal velocity…


I’m not here to pass judgment Potter deciding to bring his dog with him to the next level, in fact I respect the hell out of it. We’ve seen in recent studies that dogs exhibit complex emotions and brain activity extremely similar to that of human beings, so it would only make sense that certain dogs would want to step it up. Not all dogs would be capable of surviving a thrill such as this, so I tip my cap to Whisper for basically being the coolest dog to ever climb a mountain and jump off of it.

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H/T: Reddit // GearJunkie