Meth Cookers Prove How Brilliant The Drug Makes You When They Buttdial 911 And Immediately End Up In Jail

From what I’ve been told crystal meth gets you jacked up and gives you a false sense of intelligence, strength, and superiority. Unfortunately it doesn’t actually increase your self worth, if anything things tend to go in the opposite direction.

Three meth cookers down in Florida were in for quite the surprise when one of them buttdialed 911 only to have police show up after the 911 operator was able to listen in on their conversation about cooking meth, then pull up their GPS location and send a squad.

MyNews13 has the story:

Three people were arrested after an accidental 911 call over the weekend led Volusia County deputies to an active meth lab in Deltona.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office’s dispatcher who fielded the call at 12:31 a.m. Saturday started the phone call with the standard greeting: “911, where’s your emergency?”

No one on the other end responded, but the dispatcher could hear voices in the background. After some time, she realized she was hearing voices discuss drugs on the other end. The dispatcher left the phone line open for about 28 minutes as she continued to listen in on the conversation and relay what she was hearing to responding deputies.

At one point, the dispatcher noted that she could hear a bubbling sound as if something was cooking, deputies said.

Using cell phone location data, deputies were dispatched to 3281 Roland Drive. Deputies then traced the sound of the voices to a shed in the backyard. They peered through an open window in the shed and saw meth-making materials, deputies said.

Deputies reported they saw smoke billowing out of the shed, which likely indicated an active meth cook.

Deputies secured the three occupants and removed them from the shed for safety reasons while the Sheriff’s Office’s Clandestine Laboratory Response Team was dispatched to the scene to dismantle the meth lab. Narcotics agents also were dispatched to the shed to assist in the investigation.

The search of the shed turned up all of the makings of an active meth lab, including coffee filters, a butane torch, batteries, drain opener, plastic tubing, hypodermic needles, lithium strips, lighter fluid, plastic bags and numerous plastic bottles containing a white substance.

The three people who were arrested included two people who live at the house where the shed was located: Donna Knope, 55, and Jason Knope, 32. Thomas Stallings, 41, who lives elsewhere in Deltona, was also arrested.

All three were charged with manufacture of methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell or deliver. Both are felony offenses.

You can’t make this stuff up. A meth-head cooking meth actually managed to buttdial the police and got caught. Typically I stand up for Florida being quirky and interesting in addition to being all out weird, but this is a case of immeasurable stupidity.

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