Florida Man Thinks He’s Rihanna—May Have Discovered A New Strain Of Meth

I can’t believe it’s only Monday and Florida Man is already making waves on the Internet again. Normally I’d say ‘whatever drugs this guy is on, I want them’…but not so much in the case of this man.

Either this man is a) Homeless b) A meth cooker or c) trying his hand at ‘Monster‘ cosplay and attempting to top Charlize Theron’s level of white trash (which isn’t possible).

As a born and raised Floridian I’d like to tell you that I’m embarrassed by this guy, but the truth is I’m not. It’s street dwellers like this that give the Sunshine State it’s lovable WTFlorida charm eponymous with the state. He’s our lifeblood, and we just need to come to terms with that.


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