Miami Heat $100,000 bar tab looks like fun

WorldRedeye | Colin Joliat

WorldRedeye | Colin Joliat

The Heat were the toast of Miami this weekend, and they did plenty of toasting to celebrate. The team ran up a $100,000 bill at a Miami nightclub. Unlike you and I though, they didn’t have to pay it.

At the end of the night the tab for the Miami Heat players disappeared. The club owner decided that he didn’t want the $100k and comp’ed the entire celebration. Darren Rovell reported:

“the players ordered 100 bottles of Dom Perignon and three 3-liter bottles of champagne. Grutman said the club sells the standard 750-milliliter bottles of Dom Perignon for $850 each and the club sells 3-liter bottles, called Jeroboams, for $5,000.

“I’m not going to charge the Heat,” Grutman said of the $100,000 value of comped alcohol.

His willingness to comp just goes to show you how marked up those bottles are. It’s also gotten the nightclub plenty of free press so it looks the opportunity cost was worth it.

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