Michelle Beadle tells real story of altercation with CM Punk, AJ Lee — WWE News

Michelle Beadle is a huge wrestling mark so it wasn’t a shock when the Sportsnation anchor was included in the WWE Tribute to the Troops show last year.

What did come as a shock were the rumors that Michelle Beadle, CM Punk and AJ Lee got into a heated exchange backstage. Especially because CM Punk and Michelle Beadle are friends. The internet exploded with the backstage rumors. Most were wrong and ridiculous, but the story got so big, Beadle was forced to issue statements on her Twitter account. CM Punk even gave his side to the story in an exclusive interview with Cageside Seats.

Michelle Beadle was a recent guest on Jim Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report, and the conversation turned to the Punk and AJ Lee incident. Michelle Beadle finally came clean about what happened (as far as she saw).

Michelle Beadle on ‘Tribute to the Troops’ altercation

“The back story… the thing about it is is social media is so whacked. All that stuff came out and it was ‘oh, you were flirting’. Look: First of all, when I’m flirting people will know I’m flirting. I’ve also known Phil for a few years at this point and I had, at that time, considered him a friend. We texted on a regular basis, we’ve had dinner numerous times; it’s just one of those things where he’s not my friend, whatever. It was what it was. I thought it was a friendship, I guess I was wrong.

But I show up at Tribute to the Troops, I see him in the hallway, I say ‘what up, f-face’, which is my very loving way of referring to my friends. Like, I don’t call my friends… I just… I’m an idiot. I call them all kinds of names, that’s how you know I like you. He was alone in a hallway, he didn’t really say anything. I was with P.R. from WWE and my assistant and we walked by. The next thing I know, she’s in my face yelling at me and I honestly, I swear to you, thought it was a joke. I thought I was being set up for like a ‘ha ha ha’. And I looked up at him and he wouldn’t look at me and he kept his back to us and she kept going and I just was blown away. So that was kind of it. I thought, ‘all right, no big deal’. WWE was apologetic to me on site and I just said ‘it’s not your problem, people are who they are’ and that was it. I thought it had died but when I got home like that following week it hit all the blogs and all the wrestling peeps had all this information and that’s when I finally… I issued like a three part tweet just to say my side of the story because it was getting really old (hearing) that I was trying to take someone’s man or whatever high school crap people want to say.

So, that’s all. And, you know, Phil and I stopped being friends that day and I wish him the best of luck and that’s it.”

It’s a shame Punk and Lee are gone (for now) from the WWE. A storyline involving those two and a visiting Beadle to Raw would make for some exciting television.


[via Cageside Seats]