Missing 3-year-old boy found in bowling alley claw machine

The facts of the case are these: A 3-year-old boy walked out of his apartment to a bowling alley across the street. There he climbed into the claw machine through the prize hole. FACT: This did not happen in Florida.

claw machine

I thought for sure this was some kind of elaborate Jimmy Kimmel prank. But no, this is real and this is kind of spectacular. The boy is ok by the way, so no worries about that. In fact, he’s kind of a hero to toddlers everywhere.

“Hey Tommy, what did you do Monday?”
“Nothing really—had some crackers and PB&J and oh yeah, got me some stuffed animals…FROM THE MACHINE.” *throws a block in celebration

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A customer at Madsen’s bowling alley and billiards in Lincoln reportedly notified employees after the pint-sized red-head was innocently seen playing with the “bear claw” machine’s plush toys, Monday.

Of course he was a redhead, of course.

“Everyone was just kind of taking pictures of him and videotaping him and he didn’t notice any of us outside the machine. He was just playing with all the stuffed animals,” an astonished employee told KLKN.

Then the employee said, “this was a first for Madsen’s.” No, come on, really? You mean to tell me a toddler hasn’t come to your bowling alley without anybody noticing and climbed into a claw machine and then just hung out there for a few minutes. Well Madsen’s, you’re not the hip bowling alley I thought you were.