10 of the most awesome fast food secret menu items in existence

Aaron Friedman, Flickr

Whether you’re getting bored of the same old, same old or just want to expand your discerning junk food palette, secret menu items from fast food joints could be your road to salvation. What’s your favorite secret menu delight?

Photo credit: Aaron Friedman, Flickr

10 The Rodeo Burger at Burger King

The Consumerist, Flickr

What it is: Any burger with onion rings and BBQ sauce.

This pub-style favorite is good for a greasy retaliation against any healthy choices you may have made earlier in the day.

Photo credit: The Consumerist, Flickr

9 The Animal Fries at In-N-Out Burger

Wallslide, Flickr

What it is: French fries topped with cheese, pickles, grilled onions and In-N-Out’s spread.

Why stop at fried potatoes when you can have so much more? These combine fatty, salty, creamy, crispy, briny and cheesy into a cascade of righteously artery-clogging happiness.

Photo credit: Wallslide, Flickr

8 The Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak at Panera Bread

JD Hancock, Flickr

What it is: Two eggs, sirloin, sliced avocados and tomatoes in a bowl.

It may sound counter-intuitive to order a bread-less meal from a chain that features the word “bread” right in their name, but goddamn if a protein-packed bowl of steak, avocado, eggs and veggies won’t keep you satisfied for longer than Panera’s usual carb-bombs.

Photo credit: JD Hancock, Flickr

7 The Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich at Arby’s

dave_mcmt, Flickr

What it is: A chicken patty with ham and melted Swiss cheese.

For an Americanized taste of France, this hits the spot with breaded chicken, sweet ham and melty cheese.

Photo credit: dave_mcmt, Flickr

6 The Quesarito at Chipotle

ishane, Flickr

What it is: The anti-christ in Mexican food form.

This is what you get when you use an already constructed quesadilla instead of a burrito wrap to create a biological hazard in your digestive system.

Photo credit: ishane, Flickr

5 The Poutine at KFC

manuelfloresv, Flickr

What it is: French fries with gravy and cheese curds.

The Canadians definitely know their French fry toppings. On the other hand, this dish has more calories, salt and saturated fat than even the much-revered KFC Double Down can claim.

Photo credit: manuelfloresv, Flickr

4 The Pizza Sub at Subway

Derrick Coetzee, Flickr

What it is: Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni in sandwich form.

If you crave pizza as much as I do, then this is just another happily traveled avenue to pizza satisfaction.

Photo credit: Derrick Coetzee, Flickr

3 The Neopolitan Shake at McDonald’s

dave_mcmt, Flickr

What it is: Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream blended into a single shake.

Just like the ice cream you can buy in the store, except the strawberry will get eaten too.

Photo credit: dave_mcmt, Flickr

2 The Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich at White Castle

Paul Lowry, Flickr

What it is: Delicious.

CBR: one of the holiest junk food combos in existence, met with fast food flair for a heavenly experience.

Photo credit: Paul Lowry, Flickr

1 The Hypocrite at Fatburger

MattSims, Flickr

What it is: A veggie burger topped with bacon.

Nope, not kidding; admittedly, veggie burgers are pretty tasty, so why not really seal the deal by bringing your “burger” full circle with the addition of some meat. And not just meat, but bacon meat! It’s a winning combination full of irony and pork fat.

Photo credit: MattSims, Flickr

(Previously published on April 2, 2013.)