12 of the most overused lines in movies and TV

Sometimes, the way that television and movies remake, reboot and rip each other off is enough to make us viewers pretty jaded. But the worst offense of all is the way different characters from different stories say the same damn things. Here are the most overused lines in movies and TV. Did I miss any?

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12 We have a problem/We have a situation

Honestly, I’d rather hear someone say, “Sir…we have a situation comedy.”

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11 Let’s do this/Let’s do it/Let’s finish this

This usually occurs right after a montage of burly men strapping bandoliers of ammunition to their chest and tightening American flag bandanas around their foreheads.

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10 I’m going alone

The selflessness of fictional characters is so far removed from what real people are actually like, it’s ridiculous. Another character is going to go with you and you’re going to like it, you martyr.

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9 I have a bad feeling about this

This is the go-to line for just about any situation that’s about to get bad. Let’s agree to abandon this line, unless of course it’s written into the new Star Wars script.

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8 I’m not leaving you/I won’t leave you/I’ll be back for you

If you don’t leave them, then you can’t go get help, dumb ass…go!

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7 If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead

This is usually said by either a rich, older well-dressed European gentleman or a bald plainclothes assassin with a five o’clock shadow.

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6 Run!

Because no one knew that the wall of rusty-spike-protruding electrified-zombie-fireballs flying at us was an indication that we should maybe think about not letting it touch us.

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5 This ends now

Thankfully, this line is usually said toward the end of the film.

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4 NoOoOoOoOoOoOoO!!!

This can be said in many situations, from an upward spinning shot of a man kneeling over a murdered companion at night in the rain to a particularly harrowing explosive diarrhea scene.

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3 We’ve got company

Oh, we do? Well, thank sweet Jehoshaphat we have plenty of wine coolers and mini-franks!

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2 It’s not what it looks like/I can explain

Just explain what it is so we don’t have to go through the obligatory rom-com-girl-is-angry-at-guy-until-he-professes-his-true-love-so-the-ending-can-be-a-happy-one ordeal.

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1 You just don’t get it, do you?

Well damn, we do now. Seriously, check out this montage of all the times this line has been said.

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