Dumb Millenial goes 157 mph on his motorcycle, says he didn’t notice cops chasing him

motorcycle stupid

Today in “liar, liar, pants on fire” comes this story of a motorcyclist traveling in speeds of more than 150 mph and claiming he didn’t see the cops chasing him. I’ll give you one guess which state this happened in.

Meet 19-year-old Santiago Guerra Pineda, who was charged with reckless driving and fleeing police. Pineda offered up some lame excuses as to why he didn’t stop.

“Honestly I was just heading back home,” said Guerra. “Yes I was speeding but I did not see the cops that were on the side. At no point did I plan on running from the cops. The thing is when you ride the motorcycle you can’t let the motorcycle get control of you and at that moment the motorcycle took control of me and I just kept going faster and faster.”

Yeah you guys, maybe he got caught up in the moment. Maybe, just maybe, the need for speed blinded him from reality. Except…

“He was at a hundred, over 150 and he went off around the shoulder to avoid me,” the trooper says on his radio. He is not able to keep up with the motorcycle.

Um, yeah. This guy’s just a peach, isn’t he? But don’t worry, he says he’s an upstanding citizen with a near perfect driving record…at 19.


Listen, I don’t get joyriding and I certainly don’t get acting like a complete d-bag on the road—so I’m all for throwing the book at this kid. Make an example of him. Throw his ass in jail for 30 days. Hell, make a PSA with him crashing his bike and losing all his limbs. That’s the only way to get through to these Millenials.

Freakin a-holes.