Multiple people are claiming to be screaming Spurs lady

Has screaming Spurs lady been identified? Several “women” have come forward claiming to be the wailing banshee. Clearly someone’s lying there. Here’s the Guyism video which now has 150,000 views. You may want to grab some ear plugs.

Here are the potential suspects:

Suspect #1: Val Garcia

A San Antonio news station claims she reproduced the scream for them. Sadly, she doesn’t have tickets for Game 2. Garcia does look like the woman seated behind announcers.

Suspect #2: Lori Aguilar

Busted Coverage

The 32-year-old called a radio station in Austin claiming to be the woman. She will be in attendance for tonight’s game.

Suspect #3, Suspect #4: Unknown


After our video went viral, we received two tips. One, from a woman claiming to be the screamer, the other from a friend of said screamer. When asked for verification, they could not provide any which makes their claim somewhat dubious. So I made a deal. I told them to send me a tweet right before they unleashed the beast tonight. Both have agreed but I have my doubts.

If I was a betting man I’d put all money on #1.