New TV show is literally just guys commenting on a naked woman

Danish TV show Blachman, named for its host Thomas Blachman, is just an average talk show. Other than one twist: They comment on and rate naked women.

Blachman, a host of the Danish X-Factor came up with the show concept in an effort to articulate the “role of men in 2013.”

Each week, Blachman and a guest watch a woman disrobe and then discuss her body. DailyMail calls it the most sexist TV show in history.

Blachman is on the defensive from critics, telling media outlets today that it wasn’t dehumanizing for women as the “female body thirsts for the words of a man.”

What words, exactly? In one episode, Blachman and a guest discuss one woman as having “very animated nipples.”

The host is believed to have fled his native country amidst the controversy. Blachman said his country can “wear down geniuses.”

I certainly understand the criticism. I also understand why men would watch this. So let’s just let this guy and his bizarre sense of genius continue the show while, in return, women get to do their own version of the show. It would probably be a half an hour of women going “Eww” or “Your balls are lopsided” but isn’t that what equality between the sexes is all about?

You can see pictures from the show here.