Nokia 105 is a $20 cell phone you only charge once a month

Smartphones are amazing things, but not everybody needs or wants one. And if you just want a phone that accepts text messages and works as, you know, a phone, Nokia has one that not only does that for cheap, but only needs to be plugged into the wall once a month.

nokia 105


The Nokia 105 is about as stripped down as it gets: it doesn’t even have a camera. But it does have a few perks to it: Nokia is noted for making phones that are essentially indestructible, and this one comes with a dust proof and splash proof keypad, as well as a flashlight and an FM radio.

It’s aimed at two markets: The 2.7 billion people who have never bought a smart phone because of the price, and those of us who think taking their fancy iPhone up a mountain or on some other adventure is a really bad idea (which it is) and would prefer a rugged, cheap, backup to cover the bases.

Like we said, it’s not fancy, but it lasts long, it’s durable, and it’s dirt cheap. And for some of us that’s all we need.

Nokia 105 [Nokia Official Site]