Nooly: A goofy name for a spectacular weather app

I live in New England, an area of the country prone to heat waves, snowstorms, freezing rain and flood, usually all within the same day. As a result, I’m constantly looking for a better weather app, and Nooly is the latest nominee.

Nooly makes a pretty straightforward promise: that it can predict the weather in your exact location with precision. And it works.

What makes Nooly stand out, beyond the fact that you can get a much more precise and narrow weather forecast, is the fact that it also has a lot more information about what’s happening. Weather sites will tell you that it’s raining, or give you the odds that it’ll rain, and Nooly will tell you that it’s a light rain now that will become a heavier rain later before tapering off in an hour.

It’s still a work in progress, of course. The app is currently in beta, and it will currently only give you weather for the continental United States. But if you’re sick of hearing about percentages and want an app that offers details, it’s everything you wanted.

Nooly [Google Play]