NOPE: Nest containing up to 35,000 stinging yellow jackets discovered, destroyed

A Winter Haven resident by the name of Fred Smarte first took notice of the yellow jackets and their hive back in March, then it grew in to a record breaking hive of NOPE!



According to reports, the volume of a yellow jacket nest/hive is measured by the volume of water it would be able to hold, and this record setting one was estimated to be able to hold over 35 gallons of liquid.

TheLedger reports:

Fred Smarte first noticed the yellow jacket nest behind his mother’s house in March. It was small and nonthreatening, and he thought little of it.

On Friday, workers with Florida Pest Control began exterminating what Westley Bass, who manages the local operation, said is the biggest yellow jacket nest ever found in a residential area in the company’s 65-year history.

The nest, fused to an old armchair placed along a wall of the home, contained between 15,000 and 35,000 yellow jackets, Bass estimates.

Fred Smarte contacted Florida Pest Control, where he used to work as an exterminator. After examining the situation, company officials agreed to treat the nest for free so they could dissect it for research and use it as an employee training opportunity, Smarte said.

It’s reported that the nest was so massive the residents of the home could actually feel the buzzing within the walls of their home. I mean, there’s so much f*cking NOPE here I don’t even know where to begin.

A) If you see a dangerous insect nest just treat it immediately before it has a chance to become a record-setting hive of insanity.

B) What the hell Florida?! Why are you the Australia of North America, where every wild animal exists with the express purpose of ruining lives? I love you, I claim you as my home state Florida…but daaaayum, hopefully climate change drives out some of those asinine species.


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