This NYC Apartment Is The Farthest From Any Subway, And You Can Own It For Only $18.9 Million



Living on York Avenue while the 2nd Avenue Subway line is still under construction in Manhattan requires a lengthy walk to the subway.

So far in fact that the apartment in NYC that is situated the furthest from any subway line happens to be in the Upper East Side and as it turns out you can own it for just $18.9 million.

The question of ‘which apartment is actually the furthest from any subway in NYC’ isn’t something I’ve ever given much thought to specifically, but living in NYC this is certainly something that passively crosses your mind all the time. “Geez, how in the hell do they live that far from the subway? Why even bother living in NYC?” is something I’ve easily heard a handful of times in the 8 or so years I’ve lived here.

I Quant NY took it one step further though and sought out to find the exact apartment that is the furthest from any subway stop in NYC:

Well, in the spirit of my earlier Starbucks-Distance analysis, I turned to Open Data to answer that question once and for all. To do so, I merged two data sets, the MTA Subway Station Entrance data set and PLUTO, which gives information on all lots in NYC. I then calculated the distance from the center of each lot to the nearest station.The map of lots colored by distance from subway entrances looks like this (with green being close and red being far):

And there on the map lies the farthest residential building from a subway entrance in Manhattan according to my analysis: 10 Gracie Square, located at the end of 84th street at the FDR Drive. It is 0.7 miles from the subway station as the crow flies, or 0.8 miles using the grid. My favorite part about the finding is that the Penthouse, which I guess is literally the farthest place you can live from the subway due to the longer ride down in the elevator, is currently on the market for $18.9 million, down from $23 million last year. That’s right, you can pay $18.9 million dollars to have literally the longest walk to the subway in all of Manhattan! But fear not power walkers, there is also a two bedroom listed with a the same walk but a slightly shorter elevator ride… for $3.75 million.

So full-disclosure, I used to live like two blocks from there (on 80th and 1st) and it never really crossed my mind just how miserably far it is from the subway. This was back when we all worked from home and didn’t have a BroBible/Guyism HQ, and instead of walking to the subway every day I’d actually walk right past this penthouse as I spent my lunch hour at the dog park across the street in Carl Schurz park with my Bernese Mountain Dog.

The penthouse itself is sick, but $23 Million sick? Fuck no. It gets even weirder… I even got to know the people living in that building now (whether or not they live in that specific penthouse I’m unsure of) because they owned two MASSIVE Newfoundland show dogs, and both dogs were infatuated with my Bernese. In hindsight I probably should have been a lot nicer to them and kissed some ass, gotten to see the inside of it, and then spent my $18 Million in Monopoly Money on that mansion I’ll only ever get to dream of.

The NYPost dug up some more info on the 2nd and 3rd furthest apartments:

A hike to the same station is .95 miles for folks at 5 Gracie Square and .9 at 605 East 82nd St.
The Upper East Side also boasts the building with the shortest schlep to the subway at 1101 Lexington Ave— but other neighborhoods have far more close-to-the train apartments, Iquantny reports.
The apartment complex at 162 East Broadway in Chinatown is ranked second closest to a subway station at just 163 feet from the F train.
The complex 240 Canal St. ranks third closest at just 200 feet from the J and Z trains.

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