Omega rolls out the first anti-magnetic watch

Unless you’re a horologist and spend a lot of time working around intense magnetic fields, you probably don’t realize that a watch’s movement is not really a fan of magnets. In fact, being around a strong enough magnetic field can grind your watch to a halt and/or yank it clean off your wrist.


This is why MRI technicians all rock the digital watch, but now, they might finally have a classier choice.

Omega, the luxury watch maker, has decided to stop dicking around with putting tiny Faraday cages in watches and just make a whole metal watch out of non-ferrous (i.e. magnets do nothing) material.

Why is this important? It’s just a gimmick, right?

Well, not really. The important thing about this movement is that it’s essentially completely unaffected by outside forces. You literally have to take this watch into extreme conditions in space before it’ll stop working, and frankly, in those situations, you’ve got bigger problems than a busted movement.

So basically, this is the one of the toughest watches you can buy. As for when you can buy it, it’ll be on the market later this year.

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