OnTap Liquid Beer Enhancer taste tests



We have two OnTap Liquid Beer Enhancer reviews, and the findings involve phrases like “it tastes like a watermelon Jolly Rancher,” and “it tastes like something I want to pour down the sink.” That’s probably not the sort of endorsement that OnTap was hoping to get once people started trying their product.

Tyler Jones’ video was the original reason I thought to post this. As a brewer (Portsmith), he knows how good beer is supposed to taste. He’s also accustomed to full flavored beers. On the downside, he added it to and already delicious Portsmith Dirty Blonde and not a macro American lagar. He also has a vested interest in this product failing. It was never meant to compete with real craft beers, but it’s still competition for the cost conscious consumer.

Then you have Chow’s Supertaster. He does very well putting things in the proper prospective. When eating junk food like Twinkies or Doritos Locos Tacos, he doesn’t compare the quality and flavor against gourmet food. His competition is always among peers. He also used Keystone Light, which seems like the perfect test subject for OnTap Liquid Beer Enhancer. It still didn’t fare much better though.

I haven’t had either of these so I can’t inject my own opinion, but I’m probably not going to rush out and order them anytime soon though.

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