Original KITT from ‘Knight Rider’ for sale — awesome robot voice not included


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David Hasselhoff is having a yard sale. A really expensive yard sale.

The Hoff is auctioning off some things, among them, the original KITT from the Knight Rider series. Starting bids begin at $15,000 but it could fetch close to $50,000.

Here’s the specifics from the auction house:

“Americans have had a long-running love affair with the automobile, and in 1982, David Hasselhoff drove into our hearts as Michael Knight in an artificially intelligent, indestructible supercar fashioned out of a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am named KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). Fans created this KITT car and gifted it to Hasselhoff. This is not your standard 1986 Firebird. Inside and out she is fashioned after the beloved icon, including KITT’s distinct exterior lighting and scissor doors. Her custom interior features w-style yoke steering wheel and an elaborate digital dash and console. She is rear wheel drive and powered by a 5.0 liter V-8 engine with automatic transmission. She is programmed to speak with over 4,000 sound bites from the classic television show Knight Rider . The car was made by Jennifer Catano.

In reality, you’re just buying a 1982 Trans Am. No one will believe it’s the actual car. Unless you carry around some type of proof.

Maybe just hire Hasselhoff to ride everywhere with you to back up the story. I mean what else does he have to do?

Original ‘Knight Rider’ car for sale but be prepared to haggle the Hoff [Squander]


Juliens Live Auction


Juliens Live Auction


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