Oxijet: A low-flow shower head that feels like a real shower

If you’ve ever stepped under a low-flow shower head, you’ve probably wondered why the water pressure was so terrible before realizing that hippies think you only need a trickle of water to blast off grime. Which, hippies, if you’re reading, no.

So, if you want to cut the water bill, what do you do? Install an Oxijet, a low-flow shower head that doesn’t feel like you’re skimping.

The Oxijet is essentially bathing you with seltzer. As water flows through the head, it’s injected with oxygen, filling it with bubbles. See for yourself:

The bubbles give the water more volume, and the illusion that you’re under a full-flow shower head. Even better, unlike most green options, this is actually relatively cheap. The oxygen is injected by holes drilled in the side of the shower head, and the fixture itself is designed to be attached to any standard shower fitting.

In other words, you’ll soon be stepping under one of these at any hotel that has to pay a water bill, but at least you’ll have something to give that hippie friend of yours next Christmas.

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