Parkspot: An app that serves as your parking concierge

Parking is a pain in the ass. That’s a given. Parkspot was designed to make it ever so slightly less of a pain in the ass. Instead of paying for a block of time, you pay for the time you use, and you also have to worry slightly less about finding a parking space since garages will let you book a spot ahead of time.


Parkspot works by having garages sign up for its system. You might be wondering what’s in it for people who charge you forty bucks to leave your car on a slab of concrete: The answer is turnover. If a garage can be full from the time it opens until the time it closes, it makes more money.

You, meanwhile, can land savings for yourself and your friends, by booking a block of parking spaces and through various other methods. You also never have to find that stupid ticket that somehow disappeared off your dashboard. Granted, the garage needs to be using Parkspot in the first place, but even with that restriction, it’s still better than prowling the decks.

Parkspot [iTunes]