Player provides urine for teammate’s drug test; fails test himself

Stupid is as stupid does. Texas Longhorns closer Corey Knebel has been suspended by the NCAA for providing urine for a teammate’s drug test. The plot was unraveled when the urine came back positive for Adderall, a banned substance Knebel has a prescription for.


According to a source, after being pressed multiple times about why he failed the drug test, the teammate, who isn’t prescribed Adderall, admitted to Texas that the urine was Knebel’s.

When contacted, an athletic department official sent via text message, “I can only say that Corey was suspended by Texas for a violation of team rules.”

Let me guess? First-team All-Academic Big 12 right?

This is astonishingly stupid, even by stupid people standards. I only wish we knew the identity of this anonymous teammate. He deserves our rebuke, shame.