Pony gets into liquor store, immediately takes dump

When you let a pony loose in a liquor store, things are bound to get a little crazy I suppose.

WPRI reports that the pony paid a visit to a liquor store in Warren, R.I. on Monday, presumably looking to kick off a Memorial Day party.

“The horse walks in and all of a sudden he starts doing his thing all over the floor. He seemed a little disengaged with what was going on around him, because he didn’t have a clue his horse even did that. I was very puzzled,” the liquor store’s owner told WPRI.

Clearly you have to watch the news story.

Pony poops in liquor store, owner upset

In the pony’s defense, what else would you expect a pony to do in a liquor store? Sample the wines? Attempt to find a nice whiskey for his family? That pony did exactly what I expect a pony to do. You’re only cheating yourself and his people if you pretend otherwise.

(via Uproxx)