Guess which TV show character people are stupidly naming their kids after?




Here’s more proof that the world is out of original ideas but ripe with lunatics.

I once made a joke that my kid was going to grow up surrounded by a ton women named Katniss. I’m so sad that joke is turning into reality.

The Social Security commission recently released a list of names growing popular in the last few years. The names aren’t running rampant around our nation’s playgrounds, but there has been such a significant jump in the frequency of the name, the Social Security commission had to make note of the upswing.

According to the commission, more and more people are naming their children after Game of Thrones characters.

According to data from the Social Security Administration, were 21 newborns in 2012 named “Daenerys,” which was never used enough in previous years to show up in official counts (for privacy reasons, the SSA only releases numbers for names used five or more times in a given year).

But wee baby Daeneryses were dramatically outnumbered by newborns named “Khaleesi” — the title Targaryen earned when she married Dothraki leader (or “Khal”) Drogo. 146 “Khaleesi”s were born in 2012, making it more popular as a full name than “Betsy” or “Nadine.”

Alright, well Betsy and Nadine are awful names anyway, so it’s good that those are dying out but COME ON! Daenerys? There is a solid chance that for 95% of those kid’s lives, people are going to royally f**k up that name. I don’t even know how to pronounce it, let alone spell it, if it were uttered verbally in coversation.

“Danny Reez? Day Ner Yes? Dane Ris? Dangerous? Is your child’s name Dangerous? Like the Michael Jackson album? Oh, like Game of Thrones, and here I thought you were odd. Turns out you’re just a moron.”

Well, congratulations Game of Thrones fans, you’ve spawn a child that will most likely grow to hate the series you love so dearly because you saddled her with such a hassle for a moniker.

I’m speaking from experience and as the father of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Iron Man Illuminati. Iron Man is the girl.

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