Price for shitty beer drastically rises at bars


The price of shitty beer rose almost 7% in the last 7 months. It’s easy to blame the hipsters, but for once it’s not actually there fault. They’re still annoying though.

The popularity of sub-premium beers like Natty Light, Busch, and PBR is driving the price up, but it isn’t just hipsters buying these tier 4 brews. When the economy tanked, many people downgraded to save money. It’s then that they realized that some of the sub-premiums, like Busch, are fairly comparable to their premium brethren like Budweiser. Get a beer cold enough and they almost all start to taste the same. Those who don’t care about others judging their drinking habits never made the switch back as we came out of the dark days. Who could blame them? If you like a beer just as much, why pay more just because someone says the other is premium?

It was really the improvement in craft beer that set this off. Back in the day it was easy to differentiate between a Busch and a Bud. Now that we have so many options that are head and laces above anything macro, the Buds and Buschs of the world don’t seem so different by comparison.

The breweries are finally catching on that people aren’t switching back to premium beer, so the price of subs will continue to rise. In reality, it’s not the hipsters screwing themselves over, it’s the rest of us screwing the broke college kids over. Tough break, bros.

h/t BeerPulse