Pringles now come in pizza flavored stix

by 6 years ago
PRNewsFoto/Kellogg Company

PRNewsFoto/Kellogg Company

Pringles is trying to capture the joy of eating pretzel rods with their new product, Pringles Stix. Now you can smoke a fake cigar that tastes like some of your favorite chips instead of just salty bread.

“Pringles Stix are as fun to play with as they are to eat, so share them with your friends, bring them to the party, and don’t be afraid to play with your food.”

I love playing with my food as much as an eight year old, and pretzel rods are easily the most entertaining. They can be drum sticks, cigars, or even a giant version of Razor Ramon’s toothpick. I’m happy for the opportunity to mix up my stick-shaped snacking though. Pringles Stix come in three flavors – honey butter, pizza, and cheese – but the real test will be their durability. If it snaps in half at first contact, I might as well stick with the original duck-bill shaped chips.

via PRNewsWire