Ranking 10 of the most terrifying old-school mascots

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More often than not, sports mascots are timeless. Like Florida State’s Chief Osceola for instance, he looks as great today as he did the day of his inception. However, sometimes mascots have the unfortunate honor of following the zeitgest, and don’t stand the test of time.

The thinktank over at Bleacher Report racked their collective blog-mind-powers and came up with the 10 most creepy old-school mascots, which you can read in full here. For now, here’s just a taste. To read the full article (and see #1) you can click through on any of the images in this post, or the link at the end.

#10: Squatch: Seattle Sonics, 1993-2008

“While it’s unfortunate that the Sonics are no longer a team, it’s not so bad after seeing the mascot they had representing them when they were.”

#9: Boltman: San Diego Chargers, 1996-2009 and 2013-Present

“Seriously—it’s like a sunshine version of a ‘roided-up, creepy high school gym teacher yelling at kids to get an extra pushup in during class.”

Click here to read ’10 Pics of Terrifying Old-School Mascots’ on Bleacher Report

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