Ray Lewis to Ravens: ‘This will be my last ride’

Ray Lewis will call it quits after this season. He told the Ravens, “this will be my last ride.” Whether that last ride comes against the Colts Sunday remains to be seen. Lewis has practiced with the team for close to a month following a torn triceps. He’s on the active roster for the game but there’s no definitive word on whether he’ll play.


Should that be it, Lewis will finish his career as one of the best defensive players of all-time and certainly one of the best at his possession. His consistency was unmatched and at his prime, there was nobody in the league more feared.

Here’s just a brief rundown of his accolades:

-Super Bowl XXXV Champion and MVP
-13 Pro Bowls
-7-time first team All-Pro
-2-time NFL defensive player of the year

In 2003, he had 163 tackles and 6 interceptions. 6! From the middle linebacker position. Mike Singletary, widely considered among the best of the best had 7 in his entire career.

Gives you an idea of his versatility. A versatility that will certainly lead to a Hall of Fame induction.