12 reactions people from the past would have to modern things

Reactions to Modern Things

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Sometimes we wonder what it would have been like to grow up without the comforts and technology of today that keep us safe, entertained, informed and healthy. But, what about being introduced to brand new things that are eons more advanced than anything we’d previously seen? Here are some honest reactions people from the past would have if they were exposed to modern things.

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12 Bluetooth Headsets


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“Who are you talking to like such a douche? Also, what is a douche?”

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11 The Internet


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“Why do I love cats so much all of a sudden?”

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10 Braces


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“Ah, a fine Medieval torture device, indeed.”

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9 3-D printers

“If printers print things and 3-D printers print 3-D things and 3-D printers are 3-D, then does that mean that 3-D printers can print 3-D printers!?!”

*Mind melts*

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8 Contraceptives


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“These don’t look like prayers…”

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7 Camera phones

camera phone

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*Takes churning butter selfie*

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6 Craft Beer

craft beer

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“What is this pansy-ass bouquet of fruity barley crap? All’s I need is a cask of that one flavor we’ve been drinking since it was invented.”

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5 Nutella


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“Is that you, God?”

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4 Food Network

“What is the point, if not to eat the food after it’s made? This truly must be the most sinister torture known to man.”

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3 Turduckens


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“This is a fine food to get stuck in one’s beard.”

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2 Internet Explorer

“Why aren’t they just using Google Chrome?”
Even people from the past know.

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1 The Dark Knight

“This is the best and only documentary I’ve ever seen.”

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