‘Redirected’ red band trailer is Vinnie Jones at his best

Vinnie Jones is the best football* player turned actor of all time. The red band trailer for Redirected, his new action comedy, movie looks like Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels on cocaine. NSFW due to temporary taters.

REDIRECTED is an outrageous hangover-meets-guy-ritchie type criminal action comedy with a distinctive flavor of Eastern European exotic. It tells a story of four friends turned first-time robbers — John, Ben, Tim and Michael — who accidentally get stranded in a middle-of-nowhere Eastern European country Lithuania and have to fight their way back home through the land of whores, smugglers, dirty cops, cheap beer and sick fantasies. In order to save their asses, friends must not only overcome an ultimate culture shock experience, but also rediscover their friendship.

More important than any of that, did you know that Jones was once fined £20,000 for releasing a video teaching other footballers how to be more badass? Now that’s my kind of guy.

*football = soccer. I imagine Vinnie Jones would rip my throat out if I said he was a soccer player though.