Reebok Fitness takes away the excuses to not work out

One of the problems with working out is finding the time to do it. At least that’s what most of us say. The reality is that a lot of us don’t want to do it… and Reebok Fitness is an app designed to make us.


It’s fairly similar to other exercise apps: It’s full of predesigned routines based around different activities like running and walking, dancing, weight-training, and yoga. It’s also got plenty of instructional tips and videos, so if you have no idea what the hell Yodeling Goat Post is, it’ll show you, with a simple but well-produced video.

Where it’s different is in the details. The interface is as pared down and simple as it gets; it’s an app that’s very, very easy to use. Secondly, when you boot it up, it immediately accesses your calendar and makes you schedule workouts. Have a meeting in your usual time? Oh, it’ll remind you to make time in your day.

In short, if you’re lacking motivation, or just don’t enjoy most workout apps, Reebok Fitness is a good way to take away excuses. Especially the one about cost: It’s free.

Reebok Fitness [Google Play, also available on iTunes]