Referee Pete Morelli fist bumps Carson Palmer after penalty call

The Lions were on the short end of several controversial calls in their game against Arizona. Perhaps we now know the reason. Here’s Carson Palmer fist bumping a ref after a personal foul call.

Well, this seems odd and Tim Donaghy-ish.

Pete Morelli had just thrown a flag on Israel Idonije for diving at Carson Palmer’s leg (photo here). Yes, it was a penalty, a fairly obvious one actually. And yes, refs are there to protect quarterbacks. But this seems like conduct unbecoming an official.

In all, the Lions were flagged 8 times for 101 yards, the Cardinals 7 for 40 yards.

Detroit fans are putting on tinfoil hats, screaming conspiracy. With Lions tinted glasses, I understand their frustration. But let’s just call this what it is.

Two douchebags, one fist bump. That’s all.

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