Ric Flair will be the next General Manager on WWE ‘Raw’

WWE Raw Ric Flair

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Last night, The Authority fired Brad Maddox on Raw.

Maddox was fired from his position by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H — with a little help from the Demon Kane. I imagine employees of the WWE miss the days of a simple “you’re fired!” from the mouth of Vince McMahon. Words are easier to get over than a chokeslam to hell.

This leaves a job vacancy for the WWE Raw General Manager position. The WWE has gone so far as to list the position online. The General Manager position on Raw is open to any qualified candidate.

Ric Flair is back under contract with the WWE and scheduled to return to TV very soon. Currently, WWE creative isn’t quite sure what to do with the 65-year-old Hall of Famer. An original rumored idea was turning Flair the mouthpiece of The Shield, but creative thought better since Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose do a solid job of speaking for themselves.

The next rumored idea for Flair was to saddle him with The Miz. The Miz is a former World Champion and a superstar the WWE still has high hopes. Ric Flair working as the guiding light for The MIz’s career makes sense, but, some within the WWE feel the star of The Marine 43 is damaged goods.

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Dolph Ziggler is another option for the Flair rub, but the WWE has all but forgotten about the talented former Intercontinental Champion. Much to the dismay of current and former WWE stars.

Ric Flair’s a few weeks ago on WWE Raw was train-wreck TV — and killed the live crowd — but that quick spot might have been the precursor to The Nature Boy taking over the reigns as Raw General Manager. On Raw, Flair “turned” on Evolution (and Authority member Triple H) and verbally backed The Shield. Flair working as the face General Manager with The Shield as his strong arm would make absolute sense in the storyline.

Ric Flair working as the General Manager of WWE Raw just makes sense. In Flair’s forgettable five minute appearance on Raw, the former world champion trended on Twitter. He’s still beloved among fans. He has the look and demeanor of a man in a position of authority. He also would be the perfect foil to The Authority’s iron-fisted rule in the WWE.

Ric Flair should be the next General Manager of Raw.

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