Richard Sherman just bitch slapped Patrick Peterson across the face on Twitter

Patrick Peterson might have the money but Richard Sherman has the hardware.

Patrick Peterson got a five-year, $70 million dollar contract extension from the Arizona Cardinals on Tuesday. He’s now the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. Well deserved.

Since highest paid usually means “the best” (it really doesn’t, but people equate money with being the best at something, so…) people have been saying that Peterson is a better corner than Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks and sometimes WWE. Peterson took a shot at Sherman because of all this, sending out this tweet.

Couldn’t fit an O in the You, Patrick? Didn’t have the time? “This three letter word is too long to type! It needs to be shorter!”

Anyway, Sherman responded to the question with just a simple photo and statement.


You can probably see the mark the diamonds left on Peterson’s ego right after the backhand.

[via Legend of Cecilio Guante]