The most ridiculous Bloody Mary ever made



There is plenty of competition for “most ridiculous Bloody Mary,” but the Sumo Mary from Sunda in Chicago makes the famed F*ck Brunch look like child’s play.

This abomination was concocted from the Bloody Mary bar at Sunda and shared by the unofficial social chair of Chicago, Billy Dec. If you look closely enough, you can actually see a Bloody Mary. Don’t strain your eyes trying though. Here’s the incredibly short list of completely normal cocktail garnishes:

5oz PorkBelly, loompya (egg roll), duck bun, crab handroll, 4 pieces applewood smoked bacon, 2 stalks (Kai-Lan) Chinese broccoli, one piece pickled daikon, skewer of Shishito peppers, skewer herb roasted potatoes and half of a Tocino grilled cheese sandwich.

Ah yes, daikon. Why didn’t I think of that? I fancied my Bloody Mary using Absolut Chicago, rosemary, and bacon somewhat clever, but it turns out that was pedestrian. Why just use bacon when you could use pork belly too?