The Rock posts ‘Hercules’ photo and gorilla rant

The Rock compared himself to a gorilla at the zoo who’s ready to rip someone’s head off. Apparently becoming Hercules isn’t all that easy, and the process is starting to wear on him.


You know when you go to the zoo and that one Silverback Gorilla ignores everything else around him and just stares at you coldly wanting to rip you to pieces cause he’s just tired of being in captivity..

..this is my 5th month of a strict 7 meals a day diet, 4am wake ups to workout 2x’s before I come to set. Shoot intense scenes for 12hrs, but before that Im in my hair and make up trailer for 4hrs every day getting prodded, poked, pulled, pushed, glued, painted w/ tattoo cover, applying animal teeth punctures, scars, claw slashes, dirt & blood by a multitude of handlers.

The longest and most challenging movie I’ve ever filmed. Worth every minute of the grind, cause we’re making something epic. That said.. this Silverback won’t kill anyone (not yet) – he just wants a f*cking donut ever once in a while.

I’m sitting safely in my office, and I’m still scared. Those gorillas have killed people, you know. I’m also ridiculously excited for the new Hercules movie. No matter what the critics says, you should probably go see it just as a thank you for The Rock not ripping your head off.

Via The Rock