Ron Paul wants Kane, the wrestler, to run for Senate

Glenn Jacobs, the man behind the mask of Kane, would like to run for a senate seat in Tennessee next year. He even has the endorsement of fellow GOP’er Ron Paul. Jacobs worked on Paul’s 2012 Presidential Campaign as a media manager and political operative.



Again, just to review here, the half-brother of the Undertaker and the man who wore a creepy mask for a majority of his career wants to represent you Tennessee. As your state motto suggests, this is “America at its best.”

Here’s how one Ron Paul staffer described Jacobs.

Once Glenn’s breadth of knowledge about economics and his ability to articulate that knowledge becomes widely known, he would be a very formidable challenger. Several of us are working on him daily trying to get him in to the race.

Given his connections Glenn would have the massive fundraising base needed to unseat the incumbent. Also, because of his celebrity status and fan base outside of the normal political universe, there would be an untapped demographic in which to draw support. Glenn would have national name recognition and thus a national fundraising source

Ah yes, the untapped demographic of the WWE conservative fanbase—the slightly less articulate version of Reagan Democrats. Yes, I just made a political joke, deal with it.

In all seriousness, I hope Kane runs for Senate and I hope he wins the seat. Most of all though, I hope he reunites with the Undertaker for a 2016 Presidential run. A debate against Hillary Clinton ending in a choke slam would be a unifying moment for this country.