Rouge Sucette: The first cola flavored wine

by 7 years ago

Rouge Sucette Cola

A French company has created Rouge Sucette, the world’s first cola flavored wine. Maybe the French aren’t so bad after all!

Pauline Lacombe, marketing director for Hausmann Famille, said the drink, which translated into English means ‘red lollipop’, is aimed at younger drinkers and women. “We did a lot of taste tests and we think it could work for the ‘Coke generation’.”

I don’t know exactly who the Coke generation is, but they’re about to be much less sober. Sure they could just keep adding whiskey like the rest of us, but this way they can pretend to be classy while getting drunk.

I don’t really see this taking off with women. Ladies are all about the real wine unless you call it dessert.

The cola-flavored wine, which is 75% grapes and 25% water and aromas, is only 9% ABV. This could be the end of women’s standard chorus, “I don’t know how I got so drunk, I only had two glasses of wine!” Of course that usually means they had 4 or 5, so they will probably still be tipsy.

via Just-Drinks photo by Danroc