10 rums made in the United States to drink for National Rum Day


August, 16th is National Rum Day, and while I said I was retiring from fake national holidays, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to pimp a bunch of little known rums made in the United States. ‘Murica!

At last count I received 22 different pitches for National Rum Day coverage, exactly zero of which were for rums distilled in the United States. If it’s going to be a fake “national” holiday, it seems like they should at least be rums made in the United States… you know, national. Don’t get me wrong, I love my big brands and the folks that represent them. They typically have interesting new products, keep me up to date on new trends, and guarantee that I’m unsober. Today is just not their day.

*Disclaimer: There are plenty rums made in US owned territories. Sailor Jerry, anyone? I’ve intentionally excluded those. We’re talking booze from the 50 states here.

Here are 10 rums made in the United States.

Privateer Rum, Ipswich, MA

Not to be confused with buccaneer, these guys sailed the seas of New England during the days of the goddamn red coats. Now their legacy is a delicious rum… which is a pretty good legacy.

Dogfish Head Wit Spiced Rhum – Milton, DE

Dogfish is best known for their beer, but their off-centered spirits are no joke. The make three different rums, including this Wit Spiced Rhum for which I’d consider spearfishing a dogfish.

Richland Rum, Richland, GA

Did you know that Georgia produces things that aren’t Coke? That’s right, and one of them is an amazing garin-to-glass single estate rum that is meant to be sipped. Sorry, coke. No Cuba Libres here.

New Holland Freshwater Amber Rum, Holland, MI

The Great Lakes might not provide the warmth or bikini bodies of Caribbean, but less than 5 miles inland from Lake Michigan is one of the country’s best rums. Lotta help that does in the winter.

Great Lakes Distillery Roaring Dan’s Rum – Milwaukee, WI

Before you ask, no, there’s no cheese and/or sausage in this rum. There is, however, pure Wisconsin maple syrup. That had to do something to make it their own, right?


Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum – Austin, TX

Rum from Texas? That’s right. It’s distilled from Texas molasses and spends three years sweating sun. The finished product will have you yee-hawin’ like… well… whoever actually yee-haws.

Montanya Distillers Platino Light Rum – Silverton, CO

I have no doubt this female owned, female distilled rum from the mountains of Colorado will be the first thing the kids of South Park steal from their parents liquor cabinet.

Ballast Point Three Sheets – San Diego, CA

Three Sheets isn’t just an awesome former TV show with Zane Lamprey; it’s also a delicious rum. No whales were hurt in the making of this rum.

Haleakala Distillers Braddah Kimo’s Da’ Bomb Rum, Maui HI

Winner of the best name in the rum game, this bad boy is 75.5% ABV. Unfortunately you’ll have to go to Hawaii to get it because it doesn’t leave the island. Wait, how’s that a bad thing?

Rogue Hazelnut Spice Rum – Portland, OR

I’ve never actually had this hazelnut rum ocean-aged in Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey barrels, but geographically it made a lot of sense to include. I’m trying to show off for ‘Murica here!


And here are a few more rums made in the United States that the fine people of Twitter suggested. I haven’t had any of them, but now you know they exist!