Secret Agent Alarm Clock shoots time on the ceiling, buzzes you awake

The alarm clock is a wonderful thing in some ways, but pure loathed evil in others. Anybody who has ever had a blaring noise poke them awake knows how aggravating they can be. So if you need to have one, you might as well have one that’s a little fun.

alarm clock gun

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The Secret Agent serves as the fun in question. The idea is that you tuck it under your pillow, and once you set the alarm, it vibrates to wake you up, which you have to admit is a better situation than the farting robot currently doing the job on your nightstand.

So how do you check the time? Point it at any flat surface, like the ceiling, and pull the trigger. The “gun” projects the time on the ceiling for you, so you always know how late you are to work.

It’s not a perfect design: You shouldn’t trust any alarm clock that’s powered by two AA batteries. But if you’ve got to wake up every morning to trudge to work, you might as well enjoy yourself. The Secret Agent is currently $31.

Secret Agent Alarm Clock [Latest Buy]