Serena Williams GIFs – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

Is Serena Williams the most gifable tennis player? Take a look at this week’s Guyism GIFs Anthology and you’ll have your answer.

30 What a backside…hand—I meant to say hand

29 Serena denied on the golf course

28 Serena wardrobe malfunction

27 Kim Clijsters weighs in

26 Serena celebrates with phallic trophy

25 Serena squirting

24 Shake, shake shake, shake your booty

23 Angry Serena

22 Raise your hand if you’re Sure

21 Flexible Serena

20 Dang girl

19 Teaching white girls how to dance

18 I don’t know

17 Serena ‘O’ face

36 That time she threatened a lineswoman with murder

16 Dress ready to pop

15 Serena Williams checking the ladies

14 She’s so excited and she’s just can’t hide it

13 That’s quite the awkward fail

12 Slammin’ body

11 David Letterman gets all pervy

10 All the boys want Serena

9 30″ vertical

8 The death stare

7 Perfect spin move

6 That’s like dropping the mic

5 A Kodak moment

4 Serena’s Southwest “Wanna get away” audition

3 Serena dirty dancing

2 Bitchy Serena

1 Serena trolling her archrival Maria

GIF credit: Tennis Forum