eBay listing for 1990 Volkswagen Golf includes sex doll in photo

by 5 years ago
Sex Doll

via eBay

Sex sells. Sex dolls sell 1990 Volkswagon Golf cars. At least on eBay.

Angus Dean was listing his 1990 Volkswagen on eBay and wanted to get some attention for his 1990 VW. A friend suggested using a sex doll as a model for a photo shoot with the old beater. The pair used a poseable sex doll named Sandy and posed her in multiple positions in and around the car.

This isn’t Angus’ first sale using a sex doll. Sandy has been helping Angus push product on eBay for years. “‘We did the same with a ride-on mower,” Angus told Metro, “and it sold straight away.”

Angus owns the car but sex doll Sandy doesn’t belong to him.

Sandy’s owner, a married father-of-three who does not wish to be named, uses the doll for professional purposes because they come ‘without the fuss’ of the real model.

Without “the fuss” means sex dolls don’t have “appearance fees” and “bulimia issues.”

[via eBay]